7 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring Roof Repair Specialists

Half of your home’s exterior appearance comes from a roof. Your property may need interior and appliances updates sooner, but most of the roofs last upto 30 years or even more. Of course, it depends upon how you invest in its repair and maintenance.

Is your roof damaged or getting old? You know it’s time for the roof replacement. A new roof installation will add safety and functionality to your home. We understand it’s a huge commitment and you want great value out of it.

When you are so close to replacing your roof, you want to know you’re selecting the right roofing repair specialist for a massive job. Here are 7 questions that you must ask any roof installation company before you make the hiring decision:

What is your expertise level?

This may sound cliche, but it’s essential to ask about the expertise of a roofing expert. Having general know-how about exterior home improvement is not enough to ensure that a roofing company has sufficient knowledge of putting a new roof on your property.

Thus, a new roof is not the kind of job you may want to assign to a handyman or contractor. You want a contractor who has a long track record of repairing and installing new roofs.

So, ask them openly about how long they’ve been in business and what is their driving force for being engaged in providing roof repair and installation services.

What roofing materials do you use?

This is a straightforward way to get a good idea of how many roofing options they have on offer. Also, you’ll be able to discuss the technicalities like; how roofing materials are going to perform in changing weather conditions.

A roofing company that offers more than one kind of asphalt shingle roofing can give more flexibility in the design. Now, this is what good roofing experts offer:

  • Asphalt shingles: These shingles are the least expensive ones and they come in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Natural slate: This material creates a luxury aesthetic. It is heavy and durable so if you want that perfect look, take a synthetic slate for a spin.
  • Metal: The material is a bit costlier than asphalt shingles but it is highly durable and fireproof too.
  • Clay and ceramic tiles: The tiles are fire-resistant and rugged and they perform exceedingly well in unpleasant weather.

How do you determine the pricing strategy?

For every homeowner, roof replacement is a big job so they want to be convinced of getting a phenomenal value. But, as you know, the lowest price doesn’t always offer the best value. So, it is best if you get as many estimates as it takes to be confident of getting the right roof installation at a reasonable price.

Be cautious of bids that are extremely high or extremely low. You don’t want that. Also, ask them what all their pricing plans include. What type of materials will be used? Will they take care of the old roof? How will they handle the unforeseen damages? Is this included in the price or not?

All these questions should be asked in advance prior to hiring the service provider.

Do you have a license & insurance to run the company?

Ask roofing professionals to provide verification of all the licensing requirements. Also, the evidence that all workers are insured. The last thing for you to think about is any personal liability that may come up due to an injury that occurs on your property.

A well-reputed roofing repair and installation company will have all the license and insurance requirements before they place their foot inside your home.

Can you show your past work?

Asking your roofing contractor for references is an important step in selecting them. Having a close look at references will give you a clear picture of how well they have performed for their previous clients. You can even talk to their past customers if they enjoyed working with the experts or not.

Some roofing experts have a dedicated section of customer testimonials on their websites. So, you might just look up there and decide whether or not they fit the bill.

When can you schedule our roofing job?

A talented and experienced team of roofing professionals will do their best to schedule your task at the right time and deliver within a stipulated period. They should not evade their commitment instead they give a proper schedule as to when are they going to begin and how long will it last.

If there are any climate changes that delay the repair and maintenance work, they must communicate to you well on time.

What warranties do you provide?

At last, you should be aware of the warranties that your roofing company offers. Often, the roofing supplies will already have a manufacturer’s warranty. If you find anything unclear with respect to the roofing material, this product warranty will cover all the costs of repairs and replacements.

Besides, you need to make sure your roofing company provides a workmanship warranty. Such warranties depict that your roofing expert is confident about the kind of work they do.

In a nutshell

Finding a professional roofing expert does not have to be difficult when you have a locally owned company based in Auburndale. Romeo’s Roofing is your go-to service provider for excellent roof repair and replacement services. All experts work with their hearts and soul to get the job done right.

Request a free quote if you are looking to amp up, repair, or install a completely new roof space within your property.

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