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Romeo’s Roofing hs a proven track record in residential roof repair. Based on our experience we know that all roof repair jobs, no matter how large or small, require expert attention to detail and should be examined by experienced experts. Inexperienced roofing contractors, simply address the first obvious sign of trouble and end up ignoring the real root of the problem. Or they quickly try to sell you on the idea of replacing your roof when it may not be necessary. When you choose Romeo’s Roofing as your roofing repair contractor, you are selecting a locally owned and operated roofing conmpany you can trust with the knowledge and experience to properly repair your roof.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

Whether your repair is large or small, Romeo’s Roofing strives to exceed your expectations by communicating clearly throughout the process. We start by carefully listening to your concerns about your damaged roof. We will then arrange a time to have one of our expert technicians inspect your roof at a time that is convenient for you. Before any actual work is started, we’ll explain to you all the issues we found and give you an honest recommendation and a fair estimate of what it will take to get your roof repaired.

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Our Most Common Roof Repair Services

Shingle Roof Repair

Most shingle roof leaks happen in predictable places. The eves, valley, plumbing stack pipes, sidewall flashing, ridge vents and roof plane changes. Roof leaks are caused by storms, winds, sun, hail and just general aging. Under some circumstances your insurance compay will pay for the cost of a new roof. Other circumstances the manufacture may pay for it. It really depends on the reasons your roof is leaking. Romeo’s Roofing will provide a free estimate and expert advice. If you choose our company we will do the right thing for you. If the leak can be repaired and add life to your existing roof we’ll do it. If your roof is ready for the roof junk yard, we will deliver the news honestly. A failing roof devalues your property while a new roof will increase it’s value.

Metal Roof Repair and installation

Metal roof are a great choice for people who expect to be in their home for the long haul. They also protect you from a second roof replacement cost 20 years from now, because metal roof last upwards of 40 years. If your calling about a metal roof leak I will be looking at the predictable problems and areas that have caused the leak. Loose screws, over tightened screws, missing or deteriorated sealant tape and closure strips are usually the problem. Weather extremes will cause a metal roof to expand and contract causing fasteners to potentially loosen. Loose fasteners and screws allow for seams to separate and for small gaps to develop. We can also help restore metal roofs that have begun rusting or corroding. If it is storm damage your insurance agent may be willing to pay for a new metal roof installation. If you are in the market for a metal roof you will be faced with important decisions. There is more to a properly installed metal roof than most people realize. Call us and we will guide you through the options for a metal roof repair or a new roof installation.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs can easily crack and blister in the hot Florida sun. These cracks and blistering often leads to roof leaks. If you have a flat roof, it is important that you have it inspected and maintained from time to time to ensure your Florida roof is holding up under the hot sun.

Roof Valley Repair

Roof valleys, the troughs that discard runoff water where two sections of sloped roof meet, often need to be repaired. In older houses, it’s possible the valleys use layers of roofing paper which tend to degrade over time. Also, if the shingles along the valley were not properly cut, it’s possible you may find your roof leaking at these points.

Fascia & Soffit

The soffit and fascia help protect the exterior of your house by keeping out birds small animals and pests. They also serve as way to provide ventilation for your attic. If you find signs of rot or other damage to these critical elements of your roofing system, do not delay in having it inspected or taken care of quickly.

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