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Leaky roofs can cause a number of challenges for homeowners. Not only can they lead to significant and expensive interior damage, the aftermath of serious leaks can linger long after proper repairs have been made. Mold & mildew growth can develop on walls, in carpet, and even furniture that has gotten wet due to the leak. The greatest challenge can actually be determining the source of the roof leak in the first place. Since the source of a leak on the outside of the roof generally doesn’t match where the vulnerability appears on the inside of your home, it can be difficult to establish exactly where the issue lays. Determining the source of a leak often requires the process of elimination. One single leak can actually have many contributing factors so the expertise of a professional can help. As Lakeland FL’s preferred roofing contractor, our highly-skilled roofers are trained to spot vulnerabilities in your roofing system. We will inspect your roofing structure to identify potential problems or hazards and to determine the best solution for your leaky roof. If you want to restore your roof to its original integrity, you can count on the pros of Romeo’s Roofing.

Here’s a look at some of the ways to locate the source of your leaky roof:

1.Locate the leak on the interior of your home. You should first make sure that the source of the leak is actually a result of a leaky roof and not due to plumbing problems, HVAC issues, or condensation.

2.Next, measure the exact location of the leak from two fixed points that extend through the finished ceiling to the roof’s surface. This could be two perpendicular exterior walls, a masonry fireplace chimney, etc.

3.Get into your attic and use these measurements in the space directly above your living area to attempt to find the leak on the bottom side of your roof deck. It’s important to note that the actual entry point of the leak through your roof deck may be different than where the leak appears on the interior of your home, so you may need to widen the search area to accommodate for this instance. Note any changes in measurements from the living space below to the attic.

4.If you can safely access your roof, use the new measurements taken in the attic space to find the source of the leak on your roof top. Remember to adjust for the depth of exterior bearing walls & overhangs.

5.Once you can determine the approximate location as to where the water is entering your attic space with your measurements, you can work outwards from that spot in circles until you determine where the leak source is located.

Once our roofing professionals have located the source of your leak, we can recommend the best service to repair the damage. If the problem was caught early, a roof repair may be adequate to remedy the problem. If serious damage has been incurred, a roof replacement might be the wisest and economically-smart choice.

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