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When it comes to the projects we complete, we only use the best quality materials available.
It’s one of the reasons homeowners all across Polk County count on us for their residential roofing needs.

In order to ensure long lasting protection and avoid costly future repairs, we only use the highest quality materials for every roof repair, new installation, and roof replacement we perform. Every product we use is hand-picked to give homeowners the best choice for their needs.

A roof is really an entire system including Underlayment, Shingles, Starter Strips, Hip & Ridge, Ventilation, Fasteners and more. When part of the system fails, the other components quickly become compromised. This is why we care a great deal about the quality of the materials we use.

Most of the materials we use are from GAF, North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial & residential roofing products. Why do we prefer GAF? Primarily because they manufacture the top rated roofing systems designed to withstand the harsh Florida weather. GAF systems use components that have been designed to all work together to deliver the best results available in the industry. They are rated #1 in shingle quality by contractors & home builders and have also been named #1 in innovation for shingles & ridge ventilation by home builders.

Browse Some of the Shingle Color Selections from GAF Here

Professionals in the industry can agree that GAF products are the best quality materials available. Each product goes through rigorous laboratory testing and is constructed to meet the highest industry standards. Here’s a look at some of the GAF products we favor:

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Timberline® Cool Series – These energy-saving shingles are a great choice for the hot & humid Florida climate. With innovative reflective technology, these shingles help to reduce temperatures in your attic so your home will feel cooler in the summer, requiring less reliance on your air conditioning. The shingles are created with specially designed roofing granules that provide greater reflectance than classic shingles, so less heat transfers to the space below your roof, i.e. the attic.

Timberline® Ultra HD – For homeowners that want the best investment for their home, the Ultra HD shingles are a great choice. These Lifetime High Definition® Shingles are 53% thicker than standard shingles and feature GAF’s “High Definition” color blends and enhanced shadow effects for a luxurious look & appeal. Also designed with Advanced Protection® like the Architectural HD shingles, these shingles only cost pennies-a-day more than standard shingles, making them well worth the investment.

While old fashioned 3-tab shingles are available, they are rarely used anymore. Only about 10% of market consists of 3-tab shingle installation since quality shingles are now available at prices that are only slight higher than these older products. Contact us for more information on our materials and how their superior quality can improve the protection covering your home.

What Is The GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty?

As a GAF factory-certified contractor, we can offer a Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty which provides coverage against any manufacturer defects of GAF components, not just shingles. This low cost warranty program is a great way to get up to 50 years of non-prorated coverage for all manufacturing defects on your new roof. Homeowners can rest assured that if any of the components fail, they will be corrected based on the ltd. warranty conditions.